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Taxes and expenses

The expenses of property purchasing in Turkey is paid by the buyer separately from the amount of the property.

In accordance with the law in Turkey until December 31, 2019, a nonrecurring tax for the property rights registration with the participation of foreign citizen is 3% of the property value, calculated by the expert assessment from the real estate value .
Expenses for Tapu registration:
· Expertise fee of the real estate unit value - 1000-2000 TL.
· Tax payment - 4% of the cadastral value.
· Tax payment - 1126 TL (TAPU registration tax paid in the Cadastral Chamber).
· Sworn translator services - 350-500 TL.
· Registration the personal tax number - for free.
· Notarized translation of the documents (in every case is different) - 1 page 150TL.

After receiving the TAPU, you need to issue:
· ISKAN - technical passport for apartment (for new real estate and for secondary, if it was not issued by the previous owner) - the cost depends on the cadastral value and net area of real estate - up to 2500TL.
· Subscriber number for water - 750TL.
· Subscriber number for electricity - 400-700TL.
All costs above are one-time. Re-registering the subscriber numbers of the secondary property costs are significantly reduced.
Regular expenses:
· Real estate tax (paid once a year, but you can pay it every 6 month) - from 0.03% to 0.07% of the cadastral value.
· Aydat - so-called utility bills - 30-700 TL per month. The amount and terms of payment in each apartment complex are individual.
· Electricity and water bills - monthly according to counter meter - for actual consumption. The amounts are individual.
Additional expenses:
Real estate insurance against earthquakes (DASK) and other types of risks (property damage from natural phenomena, floods and leaks, theft and robbery, fire, etc.) - 100-300 TL, depending on the area and age of the building.

Important: the specified amounts may vary depending on the exchange rate, the location of the property and the current legislation.

Taxes and expenses

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